Turbot Drive Sprocket Pulley Installation for Victory Motorcycles

The Victory cruisers with the 5-speed transmission have equipping that is somewhat short. First stuff is practically not usable and high stuff is not sufficiently high. This two teeth bigger pulley makes your bicycle easier to understand. This pulley will diminish RPM by 7% and utilizes All Factory Parts. I chose to introduce this pulley on my 2004 Victory Kingpin and review bit by bit establishment directions alongside photographs of the introduce. The following are my functioning notes for doing the establishment. I was doing other support and chose to put the bicycle on a jack. You do not have to eliminate the wheel. Indeed you need to leave it on to help in the expulsion of the sprocket.

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I eliminated the slip-on piece of the exhaust first to ease up the exhaust. Eliminate the belt monitor. Eliminate the right-side drive flooring plank so you can pull the exhaust off. The exhaust rib bolts might be rusted. Shower with WD-40 and let stand for the time being to relax them up. After you get these rib nuts off, eliminate the exhaust. Here is the Kingpin with everything eliminated. Truth is told it ought to be introduced to help in the evacuation of the sprocket. The slip on canisters is around here some placing. With the exhaust off, eliminate the sprocket pulley cover. With the Sprocket cover off you presently see the Sprocket.

Here I have the belt free. You need it cozy and the wheel on since this will be utilized as your opposition while eliminating the sprocket nut. One more shot of the right half of the Kingpin totally stripped. Eliminate the sprocket lock plate screws and lock plate. Eliminate the sprocket lock plate. The sprocket nut takes a 48mm attachment. The nut has been Loctite at the manufacturing plant. You can utilize either an Impact Wrench to eliminate. Here I am utilizing my hotness weapon. It required around 10-15 minutes to where I could basically piñones de casquillo cónico hold the back brake pedal and eliminate the nut. Allow the sprocket to chill off. It will slide directly off. Then, clear off any leftover Loctite gunk off of the sprocket bar strings. Subsequent to eliminating the nut you should extricate the belt to remove, and introduce the new pulley. The sprocket will slide directly off after you relax the belt.