Awesome Facts To Consider For Buying Frozen Prawns Online

The terms prawns, as well as shrimps, are mainly used interchangeably. Prawns have got a better taste in comparison to the shrimp. Some of the important facts to consider for buying frozen prawns online have been discussed in this article.

Important facts to consider for buying frozen prawns online

Prawns are mainly packed with nutrients. They are mainly loaded with protein and they are mainly low in carbohydrates. This mainly helps in building muscle and in weight loss.  Below are some of the important tips one must consider for buying frozen prawns:

  1. Shrimp mainly vary in size. The size mainly ranges from the size of a rice grain to the big ones. As a general rule the lower the number mentioned on the bag, the bigger the size of the shrimp will be. At the time of buying the frozen prawns, one can look for the size chart to know about the size of the shrimp they mainly want.
  2. There are around 300 varieties of shrimp in the world. Some of the factors such as climate, different regions, as well as waters a prawn comes from mainly affect their texture, size, as well as taste. Some of the commonly found prawns varieties are black tiger, brown or white.
  3. Another important attribute to consider is how someone wants them to be prepared on-site, that is head-off or head-on. Another choice of buying prawns is shell-off or shell-on. The shell-on prawns mainly help in keeping the meat more perfect.

These are some of the important facts to know about frozen prawns online.