The device that assures safety at sea

The global maritime distress and safety system is one of the internationally recognized that conduct the research and focuses on the rescue the ship at sea using the radio system. There is a need for gmdss portable radio that can be of greater help to rescue at the time of emergency.

Highlights on the GMDSS radio:

This is a radio that is designed to meet emergencies near the sea and at sea. This radio is user-friendly and the best feature of this is that is portable and is designed to enhance more convenience and are best for use in the high sea area.

It has a large display with a backlit along with the battery indicator. The greater volume control is associated with the rotary. This is available at keypad lock facilities. The greater advantage of the device is that it has battery storage to a greater extent and an optional base of the charger.

The main feature of this device is that it is available with dual as well tri system of watch function.

This portable radio is best to be used during distress alerts and helps the ship to navigate in a normal mode. It is designed in such a way that all ships can carry a minimum set of required equipment. It is advised that all the ships carry this radio as an emergency alternator.


They are available in different frequencies. This serves as a calling service which can be between ship to shore or ship to ship mainly for safety and for informing in different frequencies.