Developing a Cost Effective Digital Menu Board Software Solution

Together with the dynamic signage boom about to burst in 2010, now’s the time to check at this medium to advertise your products to clients, we will look at economical ways on how best to use new technology which would not break the bank. Some installers like the thought Of a large 50 screens that are running content rich media, but they also believe that they are too expensive, sadly they are not thinking outside the box, we will attempt to explain how to accomplish a digital signage solution that is both affordable for all and powerful. Instead of spending thousands Of dollars on commercial grade displays and applications, why not look at multiple screens in the creation of a collage, you can even use digital posters and integrate what is normally used for digital menu boards.

Digital Advertising Posters

The Array of screens varies from 17 inches up to a gigantic 60 inches, each includes a built in media player so there is not any need for installing an expensive hard wired network. The content is updated with a USB flash drive and takes just seconds. By changing the orientation of these displays will make an eye catching display even with no content running. These units can be bought for around 500 and include all except the memory card and material.

Memory Card – These are normally CF cards and based on the memory capacities they could store video, graphics and sound in the form of MP3 files. These could be synchronized throughout all of the displays so the identical song is played throughout the screens.

Content production – This is accomplished by using one of the numerous free content production software bundles, simply use Google to locate potential suppliers.

Now you have all the Information at your fingertips to create and deploy your own digital signage solution which will be efficient and cost effective. The best digital signage Providers will generally have the ability to offer integrated hardware and soft ware solutions – integrated solutions offering both the menu boards, displays and displays a merchant will need, in addition to digital menu board software and content with user-friendly choices for content management. Using templates or custom content, retailers can quickly upgrade the messages on their menu boards in a timely fashion. The best integrated system will automatically respond to predictable real-time factors to reduce wait-times and push up earnings, and they will easily be able to be reprogrammed to accommodate unpredictability in traffic flow.